Cost of running heating company in Twickenham and Teddington

By: admin-rob | 2019-06-15 10:31:22

Have you ever wander what it costs to run a heating company here in Teddington? Here is the list of monthly/yearly outgoings that you may face to keep your company afloat. Bear in mind this is only rough estimate and you may actually pay a lot more depending on where you are located:

Van insurance between £600 and £3000 annually
Van road tax £200 – £500 annually
Van Mot £56 annually
Van maintenance £480 every year

Liability insurance £600 – £3500

Boiler installation notifications £3 per boiler (installing on average 150 boiler per year

Gas analyser calibration £150 every two years and than £240 when replacing main CO2 sensor

Checkatrade £109 a month for basic membership
Trustpilot £120 a month

Website maintenance and minor upgrades £280 a year

0800 number if you wish to have one for convenience to your customers costing £30 a month

Phone monthly payment of £40

Renewing you qualification with gas safe at an average £840 every 5 years

Upgrading your qualification with gas manufacture courses – free but you won’t be able to work that day

Unvented hot water course costing on average £160 every 5 years

Being a member of Gas Safe costing on average £180 every year

New tools to replace the damaged or lost at work give or take £50 a month

This list is not exhaustive but should give you a general idea of what plumber’s costings are on daily basis… and yes it’s not as green as it looks 🙂