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Company Overview

Welcome to Boiler Express Ltd the boiler repair company with a difference. Based in Teddington and Twickenham, our team provides specialist services in central heating and boiler replacement.

Plumbing problems need not be painful. They can be fixed quickly, efficiently and with a minimum of fuss given the right expertise.

Are you tired of the same old plumbers providing the same âœbottom-of-the-boiler service? Well then, it might just be time to try us.

Years of experience in heating and plumbing is a given all our competitors have it. But we have a unique understanding of the relationship between passion and results.

We only employ enthusiastic individuals who love what they do, and this has a direct result on customer satisfaction.

By keeping this small, customer-driven business model instead of purchasing cumbersome high-street offices, we remain flexible, fleet-of-foot and cost-effective.

But, the proof is in the plumbing, and nothing showcases results like solid customer feedback.


Company History

Its all started back in Poland in 2002 when, after finishing his last year studying engineering and sociology, Rob decided to try his skills in the US. Thus, in 2004, Flow Mechanical Inc. was born.

After building the business up from the ground (and into the heights of brand recognition), Rob decided to sell the company and move to the UK to be closer to family. His natural affinity for the famous New York work ethic not only helped him provide a refreshingly reliable service to new customers in Britain, it also prepared him for not only retaking the UK’s equivalent courses, but also taking some new ones too!

He passed them all with flying colours, and after a commendable stint in self-employment, UK Express Boilers Ltd was officially created in 2010. Building upon that success a year later, Martin and Michael joined the company as contracts became bigger and the work more varied, and the rest, as people tend to say…is history.



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